Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival

Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival (AFF) is a short film festival with award ceremony created for filmmakers at any stage in their carreer.

Erik Ros – Founder

Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival (AFF) is the reincarnation of the informal Amsterdam Filmmakers Network. For the last two years, we organized monthly screenings, cold readings, networking, and, most importantly, short film productions.
At our screenings, local film talent gathers to connect, dream, and plan future projects. The audience at these screening will pick a favorite that will win the crowd appreciation award every screening night.


The audiovisual arts capture our imaginations around the world. The stories we record unite and inspire. We want to celebrate the passion we all feel for this group art. Being filmmakers ourselves, we recognize the challenges faced with building a sustainable AV practice and hardship faced to get our stories heard.


AFF recognizes regional as well as other inequalities. We aim to organize a globally inclusive film festival. Our judging system seeks to take money out of the equation.


Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival aims to function as a year-round enabler for filmmakers. We want to accelerate their next step. Not just beginning filmmakers, even seasoned filmmakers struggle to get projects off the ground. We aim to offer an enriching experience for all our participants.

Many short film projects have come to fruition through the networking opportunities that the Amsterdam Filmmakers network has offered

Erik Ros – Founder


We want to showcase the best creative story-telling. In the right hands, a Bolex Super 8 camera can create magic while in the wrong hands, an Arri red dragon can leave an audience feeling sad and empty. That’s why our judges focus on story and craft (writing, casting, direction, acting, lights, mise-en-scene, editing, sound design, and music). The qualities that filmmakers build through hard work (and possibly talent). Because we review all submitted projects, we can offer our audience a well-curated selection of films.


We aim to add value to all submitters. We provide feedback to all films submitted to our festival (there are some economic limitations to the brevity of said feedback). We organize deals with industry partners to provide little nudges for filmmakers to take their next step!
Our qualifier screenings are filmmaker centric. Next to projections, we organize socializers, cold readings, open mic pitching (#dareToAsk). Many short film projects have come to fruition through the networking opportunities that the Amsterdam Filmmakers network has offered.
On top of that, we search for new ways in which we can help our fellow filmmakers. We organize prices and rewards that will help filmmakers focus on the next step.


Audiovisual Media is a field that is as challenging as it is inspiring. Technologies and Business models continuously emerge and disappear. In these tumultuous times, AFF aims to be a galvanizing force aligning filmmakers, not just with each other and audiences, but also with the new opportunities that will build sustainable filmmaking practices.